About our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Ohio Eastern Star Home consists of 9 members. Three trustees are elected anually at Ohio Grand Chapter for a term of 4 years. Vacancies on the board are filled for the period of the unexpired term until the next annual meeting. No Trustee may serve more than 8 years. The trustees are governed by a Code of Bylaws as well as individual job descriptions. The elected officers of the board are Chairman, Vice-Chairman, secretary, and Treasurer. Each of these officers server for a term of 1 year; elected or re-elected at the annual meeting.

The OES Home Board is a policy-making body and not a managerial body. In its policy making role the Board is responsible for such activities as helping to establish long and short-term goals for the Home; (2) helping to identify community needs; (3) assisting with formulating strategic plans (4) approving proposals for financing the Home serves and (5) assuring compliance and quality assurance in all area of the Home and its operation.

The collective board has experience in finance, business administration, nursing administration, healthcare, public relations, building maintenance and other areas that support our focus to provide quality care and services for our residents and the community. As official representatives of the Board we have an obligation to make responsible decisions that have successful long-term outcomes for our Home.

Board meetings are held at least quarterly; called to order on Friday at 5 p.m. and at 8 a.m. on Saturdays. Special meetings can be called by the Board Chairman and conference calls are often used as an additional tool for conducting business. Committee meetings are completed by Saturday at noon and the Board reconvenes at 1 p.m. for the General Board Meeting. Committee chairmen are appointed by the Board Chairman.

It is also our pleasure to attend “special events” at the Home such as the Annual Open House, the Christmas Party for the residents as well as the Meet and Greet held for the employees at Christmas time.

Each member of The Ohio Eastern Star has a vested interest in our Home. Perhaps in the future you or someone you know will be residing at the Home or have need of the services that are offered here such as therapy, independent living apartments, assisted living, rehabilitation, or long term care.

As a Board of Trustees we collectively bring energy and heartfelt enthusiasm to our meetings. With combined knowledge and commitment to ensure the success of the OES Home we will continue to serve our residents, the community and each of you.


Committee Chairmembers

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Board Chair Carl Calderhead
Vice Chairman Joell Buchanan
Treasurer Joan Wedge
Secretary Pat Eyestone
Marketing Committee Howard Laudermilk
Building Committee Larry Mayer
Barbara Stuart

Becky Thatcher

Ron Hardesty

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The campus of The Ohio Eastern Star Home is dedicated to leading the way into the future while providing the highest quality of services and enriching the lives of all we serve. Our innovation and adaptability support our environment for growth and promotes our commitment to being an industry leader.