Our “Wishlist” includes items that will create a more meaningful life for our elders here at The Ohio Eastern Star Home.

Bedside Touch-Control Lamp
$50 each

With a USB port and 3-way dimmer, these lamps create a well-lit room that lessens the risk of a fall. The USB port provides the added function of charging residents' electronics.

Bellman's Cart
$400 each

Available for Elders Moving In or Around the Campus

Bladder Scanner
$5000 each

Comfortably and attractively accommodates Guests in Common Areas

COWS Equipment
$1099 each

Computers On WheelS laptops; Used to chart nurses’ notes and medication administration

Double Deck Full Size Electric Convection Oven
$6500 each

Double Deck, Full Size, Electric Efficient Meal Preparation

Electronic Piano Keyboard with Stand
$99 each

A full-sized keyboard that includes the following features: record and playback, full headphone compatibility, and a built-in speaker.

Emergency Paging Speaker
$319 each

Placed in hallways without phones; Used to announce Fire, Elopement and other emergencies

Jumbo 4-to-Score Game
$150 each

Similar to the well-known Connect Four game, the Jumbo 4-to-Score provides indoor and outdoor fun for Elders, Grandchildren, and Families

Power Lift Chairs
$799 each

Assists Elders changing positions standing and sitting

Rollaway Bed
$300 each

This will allow a spouse or family member to get some rest during those times when staying close by is comforting and reassuring.

Security Cameras
$329 each

Improves Safety by observing entire Campus

Updated Kitchen
$22000 each

Convert dry storage area to walk in cooler, using current cooler as freezer, thus providing much needed storage and accessibility

Walkie Talkie
$15 each

Used by ALL Care Partners to Effectively and Quietly Communicate to each other and respond to Elders’ needs

Warming/ Cooling TPump
$455 each

Precise temperature controlled water circulates through leak- proof pad, treating muscle and joint pain, arthritis and edema

Wheelchair Transport Bike
$6000 each

Be the front runner as you feel the breezes along the bike path in tandem with an actual bike peddler along behind

$400 each

Available at all 4 Main Entrances Providing Access for Campus Visitors

Wireless Internet Access
$359 each

Will improve WIFI internet for all

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