We strive to create an environment of consistent contact with people of all ages and abilities, as well as with plants and animals. THANK YOU in advance for your donation to The Ohio Eastern Star Home. Together, we empower Elders to live their lives to the fullest and retain their autonomy to the extent that this is desirable and advantageous.

Pine Hill Pond Project

Pitch in to help our Pine Hill project break ground on the lovely pond and enhance the surrounding gathering spaces.

Life Enrichment

Keeping busy with fun activities and outings is just a way of life here at the OES Home. Quilting, art show entries, drama club, movie night, and tailgating events are just a few of the many things that we enjoy offering our Elders.

Operating Fund

Donations made to the Operating Fund help offset various operating costs our campus incurs in our work to support the best lives of our residents.

Wish List

Our “Wish list” includes items that will create a more meaningful life for our elders here at The Ohio Eastern Star Home.